I am not broken #poetry

I am not broken
Why can't you see you are hurting me?
Why can't you see I'm not as strong as you? My thoughts and feelings are a raging river flowing through me.  Your laughter and disdain coat me with lava, halting my emotions, searing every inch of me.  Do you not respect my feelings? Me? Can you not see this is who I am? What I am?  It's love or leave.  Respect of walk away.  Understand or go. 
So go.

The End #poetry

The End
I sit here, weak and dreary My eyes swollen, dark and teary Each breath I take, tight and shaky The wind feels like sand, coarse and breaking Did you know I would feel like this? It’s like the earth moved and I didn’t Yet, I’m spinning out of control With a life that doesn’t have you in it. The sun no long wakens me early in the morning The sounds of your voice no longer cradles me That should’ve been my first warning Darkness rocks me to sleep now, its cold breath chills my bones I wear loneliness like a blanket, oh, how I wish I would’ve known You’ll be fine, they say, the pain will fade with time But this isn’t their ache, their sorrow has never fallen in this line I pray the end is near, for another day will surely kill me But I’ve been told the agony never fades Only ebbs and flows like the sea I must conclude the rest of my life will be no more Than the replay of love and joy that, together, we shored

The Tragedy #poetry

Disburse darkness
          When evil overrides
     3 poor, humble people
Their lives shredded
                     and torn.

No need to cry little one -
     The sun will still
          shine bright.

               I'm sorry for your sadness
                    What else can I say?


Tragedy doesn't last FOREVER...

~Written by 14 year old me

Independence Day #poetry

The weight is heavy The burden unbearable The results uncertain
Fight to breathe Fight to live Fight to even die
How you want How you need How you see
See the pain See the envy See the future
We will survive We will thrive We will be free

Hole in the wall #poetry

I walk into my rat-packed humble room.
     Oh, how I long to be elsewhere.
Wear walls
Grungy floors
Old paintings
     Every time I enter my room, I am intriguingly engulfed in it's horrendous boredom.
     I am a simple woman
    They never seem to bother me.

I have two chairs here. Hopefully someone can share one with me someday.
I simply look out
     my eight panel window
          and dream how life could be -
               if and only if...

     I could get out this hole in the wall

~Written by me at the age of 14

What is love?

What is love? 

Love is an emotion, art, a state of mind, or even just a dream. 
Love is powerful.   Love is unconditional. Heart pounding. Earth shattering. Soul moving. 
Love is everything you thought you never needed but can't live without. 

It's the moment your chest compresses and heart shutters at the thought of them when they aren't by your side. 

It's the smile that crosses your face when you think of them.  It's the warmth and delight of a hug you waited for all day. 
It's soothing. Comfortable.
It doesn't judge. Ridicule. Oppress. 
It lifts. Inspires. 
And, it hurts.
It's the head-over-heels, can't live without them (ever), heart pounding, tear shedding, life changing, world spinning, turn your life upside-down and inside-out kind of feeling. 
Love is powerful.  Terrifying.  It's soothing. Comfortable.  And, it hurts.  Love is a feeling that can't be put into words.  

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